Wild Miles Preparation and Planning

It began with two fragmented relay teams and assorted zany characters. Consider it karma, a "roll of the die" by the Fates or divine intervention; any way that you frame it, it was perfect chemistry from the beginning...

Following a flurry of emails just two weeks prior to the 2006 Wild Miles Relay, two fragmented relay teams were able to assemble under the collective name of "Team Thrown Together at the End of the Road." It was a team comprised of relatively complete strangers, traveling from as far as Fargo, North Dakota, to compete on this team. The ages of the runners spanned from 18 to 43 years of age - two women and 8 men.

Slowly congregating at the Palm Canyon Resort in Borrego Springs, CA, on Friday evening, April 28, the moment finally arrived: for teammates to finally meet each other.

With initial introductions extended, Team Thrown Together (TTT) headed to downtown Borrego Springs for a strategy dinner at the local establishment, Carlee's. Drinks and pasta complemented the conversation, as the group shared family stories and hopes of the upcoming race. Several minutes were then shared debating over who would be assigned the 3rd Leg, the Grapevine, of the race. The debate was lively and heated as team members battled for the honor of this carefree leg of the race. The decision finally came down to Matt Allsopp and Lee Hoedl. Lee emerged victorious after three rounds of "Rock-Paper-Scissor" and the Grapevine became his honor.

Team Captain Caleb Eames gathered up waiver forms before anyone had a chance to change their mind, while Arnold Ramirez, team EMT, covered the procedure for properly splinting a broken leg and criteria for identifying if one has been hit by a car while running. All of this would put the team's worries at rest.

With carbo-loading complete at Carlee's, the team members bid each other a good night's sleep and retired back to the Palm Canyon Resort.

The Team Thrown Together would have to wait until morning to welcome the fate that would face them...

Distant view of Borrego Springs

View of Borrego Springs

Gathering at the Palm Canyon Resort

Team dinner at Carlee's Restaurant

Team captain Caleb gathers waiver forms

Carb-loading for the Wild Miles ahead

Team Thrown Together is formed!

Sunrise at the Palm Canyon Resort

Designed by Lee Hoedl, Copyright 2006
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