The Death Valley-Mount Whitney bike/hike is not the first adventure on which Lee Hoedl, Chuck Fabijanic and friends have found themselves. Below are briefly posted their past adventures through the national parks of the United States.


2003 Yosemite

Fabijanic and Hoedl ascended to and descended from Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in June 2003; completing the grueling 18-mile hike in less than 12 hours. Shown on the right, they took a moment to capture a picture on top of Half Dome.


2002 Grand Canyon

Hoedl (bandana) and Fabijanic descended into the the inner gorge of the Grand Canyon via the South Kaibab Trail in June 2002. They camped at Phantom Ranch overnight and hiked out the next morning via the Bright Angel Trail.

2001 Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park in 2001 was more of a leisure trip; taking the family through all the wonderful sights and vistas of the Figure 8 in the park.

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2000 Continental Divide - Weminuche Trail

45 miles above 12,000 feet - across the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. It is an adventure that can't even be captured by mere images. The photo on right is Rick Nowatzki, Scott Nowatzki and Lee Hoedl at the trail entrance at Wolf Creek Pass.


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