Please note that there were numerous images captured throughout the 135-mile bike ride in and out of Death Valley and up and down the Mt. Whitney trail. Below is simply a flavor of the seven-day adventure from the lowest to the highest elevations in the United States.oo

Day One: Beginning of the 135-mile bike ride at Badwater Basin, 282 feet below sea level.

A scenic view of the infamous Death Valley sand dunes during the bike trip.

Chuck Fabijanic and Lee Hoedl arriving to Stovepipe Wells (Death Valley) on Day Two; elevation 5 feet above sea level

Lee Hoedl, Keith Sherwood and Chuck Fabijanic reaching Townes Pass of Death Valley on Day Two


Chuck Fabijanic cruising through Death Valley

Keith Sherwood descending down to 3000 ft. elevation in Death Valley


Lee Hoedl cruising across 300o ft. elevation mark of Death Valley

Day Three: On the road to Lone Pine


Day Four: Morning image of the Whitney mountain range

A view down from the bike trail to the Whitney Portal


Reaching the Whitney Portal at an elevation of 8365 ft. elevation

Day Five: Chuck, Keith and Lee beginning the hike toward the summit of Mt. Whitney


Day Six: Keith and Lee, as they continue (with Chuck) on their final assault on Mt. Whitney

Lee and Chuck reaching Trail Crest at 13,600 ft. elevation


Reaching the rooftop of the United States, Mt. Whitney on Day Six; Elevation - 14, 497.61 ft. elevation

Lee on the summit of Mt. Whitney - wearing his brother Dan's military desert-issue hat and displaying a drawn picture given to him from his son Leo


A view from the top of Mt. Whitney

Day Seven: Keith and Lee enjoying the vistas as they hike down from Trail Camp and below the Whitney Zone


Lee and Chuck engaging in one final moment of playful jousting

The end of the road: Keith, Lee and Chuck at the Whitney Portal


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