Originating as a plan in 2002, it was the goal to set out with a 5- or 6-person team to accomplish the following: 130 miles of cycling, originating at Badwater, CA (282 feet below sea level) and concluding at Lone Pine/Whitney Portal; the entire cycling trip hosted in the heart of Death Valley. Immediately followed by a 12-mile hike to the very summit of Mount Whitney (14,495 feet above sea level).

The entire trip would take the team from the lowest elevation in the lower 48 of the United States to the very highest elevation in the lower 48 in just a matter of days.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (and the birth of triplets), the team was eventually whittled down to two men: Chuck Fabijanic and Gus Gardner. They accomplished this initial plan in September of 2003.

Since that time, there have been plans to re-accomplish this same cycling/hiking feat with a larger group and in a faster time. The following team members completed this journey from September 23 -29: Chuck Fabijanic, Keith Sherwood and Lee Hoedl.

This September 2004 adventure took this eventual three-men team (seen below) through temperatures ranging from 100 degrees (fall middays in Death Valley) to 30 degrees (fall evenings on Mount Whitney). For more more images of this adventure, go to the 2004 Photo Journal.


Lee Hoedl

Chuck Fabijanic

Keith Sherwood



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