Monday, September 6, 2004

Choose the power of love


the love of power.

You've most likely have heard a version of the expression above. But I specifically crafted the quote above to share with you a simple thought and message today...

The backdrop of our present national political and economic debates is a wonderful example of this classic struggle. Each side, each camp, each political party proclaiming itself to be focusing on its concern for its constituents (power of love) while the American populace remains skeptical of the overall ambitions (love of power). And why not be skeptical? We see this same game played out in our daily lives all the time.

In relationships and families, there are ongoing struggles as we "act in the best interest of our spouse/child because we know what's best for them." We spend incredible amounts of time trying to control our spouse and children, that there leaves very little time just to love them.

In work environments and friendships, arguments and disgreements occur and feelings are hurt because we "just want the other person to see our point of view" (love of power); so much so that we forget to respect their point of view as well (power of love). We spend incredible amounts of time trying to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals but would probably then despise them for not being free-thinkers.

Relationships are not, or ideally should not be, a battleground for control of one over another, their thoughts, or beliefs. The only power that should be exerted or shared is that power that finds its source in Love.

Take time today to reflect on your actions throughout the day. Most likely, you will be surprised to find that they fall into two camps: the power of love or the love of power.

So even though we may not personally be running for political office, let us consider a personal platform:



If this is your platform, let me know where I can sign up to help you campaign. You'll always have my vote.

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