Thursday, September 2, 2004

A simple and quick quiz for you today. Just one question. It's multiple choice. Ready? Here it is:


What percentage of total body fluid must be lost (i.e. perspiration, urine, saliva) before the human body signals to its owner that it's thirsty?

A. 35%

B. 5%

C. 50%

D. 20%

E. None of the above.


What did you select? Did you select E: None of the above? If so, then you're correct. Now, do you think it's higher the 50%, lower than 5% or somewhere in the middle?

Would you believe that it is lower than 5%? In fact, when 1% of the total body fluid is lost, the human body signals to its owner that it's thirsty. ONE PERCENT. That's all.

And of all the elements needed to supply the human body, water is the most important. A person can survive in the desert for 9-15 days without food but will dehydrate and lapse into unconsciousness without water after only a few days. What a magnificent system your body is - to be able to monitor the loss of only 1% of your total body fluid and then register it to your brain, notifying you that you are becoming thirsty.

We grow up with this physical feedback loop from day one, so we are quite adept at knowing thirst and hunger pangs. In fact, we humans are very skilled at reading the physical signs from a very early age - hunger, pain, thirst, exhaustion, soreness, etc. But since our appearance on this planet, it seems we haven't made substantial progress in being able to read and understand the psychological, emotional, and spiritual signs of our life.

Acceptance. Happiness. Peace. Community. Positive Self Regard. These are elements that as important to our psychological/emotional/spiritual well-being as water is to our physical well-being. And believe it or not, our body monitors these levels as well and notifies us when they are even slightly depleted. Loneliness. Depression. Anger. Isolation. Dwindling self esteem. Have you ever felt any of these signs? They are reminders that there is a lack of equilibrium in our personal well-being. But we are not as attuned to our psychological/emotional/spiritual feedback system as we are our physical system. Perhaps this is why so many individuals drink and become addicted to alcohol - the psychological/emotional/spiritual is telling the body that it is becoming thirsty and one interprets it simply as a physical condition.

When was the last time you felt 99% accepted? 88% happy? 77% peaceful? 66% hopeful and confident? Perhaps your body - and spirit - is telling you something at this very moment...

So, don't you think it's time to take care of its thirst?

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