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August 1 & 2 - First Views of Mt. Rainier; Arrival to Ashford, WA and RMI Basecamp

August 3 - RMI Climbing School and Preparation

August 4 - Climbing to Camp Muir

August 5 - Mt. Rainier Summit Attempt


Related Past Climbs and Adventures

The Mt. Rainier summit climb is not the first adventure on which Lee Hoedl and friends have found themselves. Below are briefly posted just a few of their past adventures through the longtitudes and latitudes of North America.

2006 - Wild Miles Relay (California's 183-Mile Nonstop Team Relay)

The Wild Miles Relay is the legendary 183-mile non-stop team relay race located in San Diego County of California. Beginning at Borrego Springs, the relay race winds its way around ANZA-Borrego Desert State Park and Cleveland National Forest before ending at Pine Valley, California. Over its 183 miles, the course sees elevation changes ranging from the desert floor in Borrego Springs to 4200 ft. elevation. The relay can be run by either five-person or ten-person teams. Team Thrown Together at the End of the Road is a ten-person team that eventually formed from the merging of two incomplete teams and assorted zany characters. Captained by Caleb Eames, the team began their experience at approximately 8:00 am (Pacific Time) from Borrego Springs on Saturday, April 29 and continued - non-stop - into Sunday, April 30 where they celebrated the conclusion of their experience at Pine Valley.

2005 - Mt. Rainier Summit Climb (Mt. Rainier National Park)

It began simply as a pipedream; a wonderful pact between two friends: to hike to the summit of Mt. Rainier. But as with all grand plans, pipedreams and pacts, there is always the human element to contend with: conflicting schedules. Despite Chuck Fabijanic's inability to join the climb, Hoedl carried on with the plan. In July 2005, Hoedl had the most extraordinary opportunity to not only explore Mt. Rainier National Park but also to experience one of the most phenomenal moments in his life: an actual summit of Mt. Rainier.

2004 - "Bike and Hike" of Death Valley and Mt. Whitney

Originating as a plan in 2002, it was the goal to accomplish the following: 130 miles of cycling, originating at Badwater, CA (282 feet below sea level) and concluding at Lone Pine/Whitney Portal; the entire cycling trip hosted in the heart of Death Valley. Immediately followed by a 12-mile hike to the very summit of Mount Whitney (14,495 feet above sea level). The entire trip took take the team from the lowest elevation in the lower 48 of the United States to the very highest elevation in the lower 48 in just a matter of days, during September 2004.

2003 - "Up and Down" Day Climb of Half Dome (Yosemite National Park)

Fabijanic and Hoedl ascended to and descended from Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in June 2003; completing the grueling 18-mile hike in less than 12 hours. Shown on the right, they took a moment to capture a picture on top of Half Dome. This was the third ascent for Hoedl and the first for Fabijanic.

2002 - Hike to Phantom Ranch (Grand Canyon National Park)

Hoedl (bandana) and Fabijanic descended into the the inner gorge of the Grand Canyon via the South Kaibab Trail in June 2002. They camped at Phantom Ranch overnight and hiked out the next morning via the Bright Angel Trail.

2001 - Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park in 2001 was more of a leisure trip; taking the family through all the wonderful sights and vistas of the Figure 8 in the park. A photo display to be linked at a later date.

2000 - Continental Divide Hike (Weminuche Wilderness) (Powerpoint presentation)

45 miles above 12,000 feet - across the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. It is an adventure that can't even be captured by mere images. Click on the title above in order to see a Powerpoint review of this particular journey.

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