Wednesday, November 3, 2004

An uncommon seed will always create an uncommon harvest.

The agriculture industry continues to advance itself through hybridization and genetic splicing of several fruits and vegetables. Larger and more resilient produce and greater harvests is the ideal result. And the agricultural industry knows that it all begins at the seed level. Because it is the uncommon seed that will always create an uncommon harvest.

Today I share with you, my friend, that you are a walking warehouse of seed as well. Seeds of love, anger, gifts and talents, shortcomings, hope, despair, intellect, etc. It is your great task to periodically inventory what you have been given (seeds) and what you are storing, so you know what you are to sow. Seeds left in storage simply rot and waste away, but uncommon seeds planted in fertile soil will produce a phenomenal harvest.

Each comment you make, each action you undertake, each dream and hope you share today will be seeds planted for your future harvest. Take a moment to look back on the last ten years of your life. Identify those relationships you have entered into years ago and how they have grown to fruition. Identify those decisions that have guided your life and career - those you planted and those you did not. These seeds have set into motion the harvest you are reaping today.

The positive comments, thoughts and actions will reap a completely different harvest than those seeds birthed from negative comments, thoughts and actions. As with the growth process of Nature, you will not necessarily see the harvest unfold tomorrow, but has already been planted and is sprouting around you. It is your choice and your warehouse. It is your planting and your harvest.

All is a seed - time, money, hope, love, relationships, etc. What you plant and nurture, is what you will grow. And it is what you grow that you will eventually harvest. Knowing this, how is your future harvest shaping up, my friend?

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