Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A father, being on the point of death, wished to be sure that his sons would give the same attention to his farm as he himself had given it. He called them to his bedside and said, "My sons, there is a great treasure hid in one of my vineyards." The sons, after his death, took their spades and mattocks and carefully dug over every portion of their land. They found no treasure, but the vines repaid their labor by an extraordinary and superabundant crop.


The Vox. A Latin phrase that is more than just a phrase. Translated, it means "the Voice"; the calling from deep within one's very self. It is that Voice from within that guides oneself toward one's rightful calling in Life. In ancient times, it was believed that all had the Vox, the calling, and it was extremely important to listen to that calling, no matter how humble or grand a path that it would lead you upon.

That Vox, that Voice, remains within each us... and humbly and quietly calls and invites us each on the most unexpected journey of our life. It is and will be a journey that uses all of our talents and abilities. It is and will be a journey that will test all of our talents and abilities. But it is a voice that humbly and quietly calls... and one has to lean in very carefully and quietly to hear it...

The ultimate mission for any person on this planet is to be the best person they can possibly be. Not best in terms of most successful, but rather the truest, most loving, most noble person that can emerge out of one body. That being the case, imagine if we each spent our life voraciously searching for that best person within our careers, our relationships, our family, our daily journey and activities... that "best person" is the God within each of us. This is the great treasure hidden in the vineyard. And that vineyard is all around us.

Imagine a world of individuals each cultivating this Life in search of the God within, nourishing the soil with grace and peace and charity. It's a wonderful thought, isn't it?

Will the great treasure hidden in the vineyard be fully found? Not in each of our lifetimes, but with each spade of our life we overturn, looking for that God within, the treasure is being revealed and released bit by bit.

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