Getting Started With Your Keepsake

The development of any personal video is not a project to take lightly. It is a product and keepsake that you will be able to proudly pass on to your family members and friends.


As you begin the process of "forming" your project/product in your mind, below are questions posed for your consideration. Your response to these questions will allow hoedl's haven productions© to create a strong focus as to the video's outcome. And, more importantly, this will also allow hoedl's haven productions© to achieve its personal promise to you and your family: complete satisfaction with your completed product.


In "forming" your project/product, please consider these questions:

What is the ultimate purpose/outcome for your project? Who is the receiving party of your project?

Is there a particular span of time that are you planning to address in the video? Birth to present date? High school years? A particular and singular event?

Is the video to be upbeat? Reflective? Serious? Silly/humorous? A blend?

Is the video to be a gift to a person? Do you want the the video to reflect your perspective? Do you want the video to reflect the person's perspective?

Depending on how you answered the last question, do you want to include music that you personally choose? If you are personally selecting the music, do you have a list of favorite songs you would like to use?

When and where are you planning the video to be shown?

How long would you like the video presentation to be? 5-10 minutes? 10-20 minutes? 20-30 minutes?

If the video is addressing a particular person, are there hobbies, activities, talents, involvements, etc. that should be included?

Are there particular colors and sounds that are important to include in the video to complement its mood?

When you have had a chance to address some of the questions above, email your initial ideas to Lee Hoedl. Within a few days you will receive a personal reply that will assist you in further advancing your raw photographic/videographic material into a powerful moment to cherish in the coming years. You are also invited to contact Lee Hoedl at 701.306.1266.