About Us And Our Mission

hoedl's haven productions© is a personal, but professional and passionate, service that began from a personal and profound mission statement written by Lee Hoedl while completing his collegiate studies: "It is my personal mission to inspire and enlighten the human spirit through image and word."

From that early mission statement, has emerged numerous freelance articles and photography in national and regional magazines, self-authored books and hoedl's haven productions©. Still today, that mission statement by Lee holds true.

Realizing the importance of key moments and memories in one's life, it is Lee's hope and assurance that each completed video production is such that it speaks from the heart and moves the spirit. In support of this assurance, recent client comments state:

"Lee's work is creative and fresh... and at a great price! He was able to capture exactly what I was thinking in terms of my child's graduation video."

"The work was timely and more than I ever expected. I was hoping for a simple video of my family photos and Lee provided me with a finished product that I will watch over and over again. I'm glad I took the time to have it done."

"Lee didn't finish my project until I was completely satisfied. And afterwards, I was even more satisfied than that!"

"Lee was at the right place at the right time - he captured on film such a moving video that it brought me to tears... again and again."


Believing in the power of presence in a child's life, Lee Hoedl left his fifteen-year career as a university administrator and educator to become a "residential education specialist" - a stay-at-home father for the Hoedl triplets born in 2003. In between family responsibilities, Lee finds time to remain an avid cyclist, a triathlete/marathoner, photographer, freelance website developer and blues enthusiast/guitarist. And when the time permits, Lee rejuvenates by high altitude climbing to such locales as Mt. Whitney, Mt. Rainier Mt. McKinley, Mt. Elbrus and Aconcagua, backpacking across America's national parks, playing guitar and just spending quality with his children and wife Di.


Lee staffs his video editing services from his home and finds the source of his work's inspiration from his wife Di and children Leo, Emily, Hannah and Nicholas. For more about Lee and his varied work, visit SOLUS: The Pace of Nature.