Thursday, June 23, 2005

In light of national obesity trends, there remains a national movement to encourage Americans to eat healthier and to exercise more regularly. Anything to lower the cholesterol and fat level and increase the heart rate. Now I don't pretend to be a health or fitness guru, but today I would like to offer one more suggested national movement that would address our physiological, spiritual and emotional dimensions as well. And it is this:

Do something that makes your heart beat faster every day.

Am I advocating unhealthy stressors such as worry, fear and anger? No. Quite true, they will get your heart beating faster, but this is not what I'm suggesting. Am I advocating healthy stressors such as physical exercise? Yes. But much more than maintenance of our physcial vessel. What about the contents within the vessel - beyond the organs and tissues? I'm referring to your very heart and soul: your purpose and passion, your mission and meaning.

Medical studies have shown a substantial increase in heart rate, brain activity, and eye movement when a person is involved in an activity that excites them and moves them - physically and emotionally. So today I invite you to further explore a deeper purpose/passion in your life that gets you excited, fired up and motivated about Life in general. Take a little time each week to reflect on the meaning of your life and the mission to which you feel you are called; make that meaning and mission be an uplifting one. Allow your mission and purpose in Life motivate you enough to jump out of bed in the morning and bring you enough satisfaction and peace when you lay your head down at night. You owe it to your self to get that ticker beating even just a little bit faster.

Post Note: Studies have also shown a substantial increased heart rate when one discovers they are attracted to another living being. So fall in love over and over again. With a movie, a worthy cause, a pet, etc. And if you're married, fall in love over and over again... with the same person, but for different reasons.

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