Thursday, January 13, 2004

"Take the time to wish upon a start..."

I was recently reading a reflection some time ago that listed 10-15 keys for a peaceful and happy life. There, in the middle of the list, was the one you see printed above. My guess is that the author fully intended it to be "wish up on a star." But it did get me to thinking...

Perhaps rather than standing in the night's glow and searching for the perfect star to wish upon, we might benefit ourselves much better by wishing up a "start."

  • a fresh start in the change of our behavior, for the better.
  • a new start in becoming a better friend, spouse and/or parent.
  • a healthy start in taking better care of ourselves spiritually and physically.
  • a brave start in better addressing our personal fears and shortcomings.
  • a more confident start in our work, career and relationships.
  • a bold start in seeking and living a life of greater peace and tranquility.

Any avid student of star-wishing knows that when the wish is made - and should it come true, a change will occur. A person receives their success, fame, riches, love, peace, etc. But the greater question will always remains: Is the wish truly a new start to a fresher, healthier, braver and bolder life for you? It is here where your wish truly develops wings and power.

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