Friday, February 18, 2005

Walt Disney was once approached by a small boy and asked whether he drew Mickey Mouse. Disney, a self-professed mediocre draftsman whose strength lay in his ability to develop characters and plots, admitted that he had not drawn for the screen since 1926.

"Then you think up all the jokes and ideas?" the boy persisted.

"Well, no," Disney replied, "I don't do that."

"Mr. Disney," asked the boy, "just what do you do?"

"Well," Disney told him, "sometimes I think of myself as a little bee. I go from one area of the studio to another and gather pollen and sort of stimulate everybody."


It is always admirable to give credit where credit is due. This, Walt Disney did. He knew the superb talents his colleagues possessed and he capitalized on all those talents. He also knew his unique gift that he brought to the office each day, and he used it to weave all that genius into magic. Magic that has had an impact on you and I, our parents, our children and our grandchildren.

What are the superb talents of your colleagues? Your friends? Your spouse? Your family? Never thought much about it?

And what of your unique gift that you bring into the mix? What is that unique gift(s)? Never thought much about that either?

Perhaps it's time to consider these things. Our country and our neighborhoods are calling for extraordinary teams and families to step forward to make a difference. Extraordinary teams and families all sharing their superb talents and unique gifts for the betterment of all.

I have worked on numerous retreat experiences (some of those experiences with many of you) and one aspect of the experience always holds true: when each person understands and appreciates their personal gifts, they readily share them unselfishly. In those instances, the results are phenomenal and, dare I say, magical.

For your own sake, take time to explore and appreciate your own unique gifts. Don't let anyone diminish them. Share them. Enjoy them. Be proud of them. And share them some more. Be that little bee that is needed in every neighborhood hive.

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