Friday, December 3, 2004

"There just isn't enough time." It is a statement we all make probably once a week, if not more. And, sad to say, it's true. There isn't enough time to do all that you want to do in your life before it expires. It is a fact of this life. We can't borrow it, we can't lend it, we can't buy it. However, it's free for our taking while we have it. That's what makes it so rare.

Ever find yourself frustrated at the end of the day? And can't really identify why? Here's a possible answer: You want to accomplish more but there is no more time in your day. There are competing commitments and expectations; there are personal desires and social obligations. So how do you fit them all in?

My friend, you don't. That's the first step toward personal peace. You can't do it all... so you will have to choose. Choose between all those competing commitments and expectations. And here is the second step toward personal peace: you have free will to choose however you want to spend your time, regardless of anyone's expectations or demands.

If you are able to accept these three facts concerning your personal time,

  • there isn't enough time to do all that you want
  • you can't do it all
  • you are free to choose how you spend your time

then you are ready to give the greatest gift you have at your disposal: your time.

Take time this season to let go of one television show or documentary to give your attention to your children, spouse or significant other.

Take time this season to let go of one personal hobby time to give your service to others in need.

Take time this season to let go of a few extra dollars (i.e. time is money) and give them willingly and joyfully to those who have much less.

You can't do it all with the time you have, so use your time wisely, my friend. As it has been said so many times before, "Time well-spent is that time we invest in others." So take the time, SEIZE IT, use your free will to share that which is precious to each and every person in this life: the gift of your time.

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