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If you are interested in viewing actual course races (Disney World Half Marathon and Marathon), visit Past Years' Goofy/Dopey Challenge Videos. Below are additional Disney World and Disneyland videos created to simply entertain and inspire you... before, during and after your races.


Tips for and Sights of Your Disney World Half and Full Marathons

All along both routes, Disney does a wonderful job of sprinkling Disney characters for photo opportunities - don't forget to bring a camera. For more detailed advice for your upcoming experience, refer to Tips and Advice.

The Official 2014 WDW 10K Toy Story Music Video

Temperatures at the start of the 2014 Walt Disney World Inaugural 10K Race were heading into the 70s, but the race wasn't the only thing that was heating up! A small collection of awesome toys (runners) banded together for an impromptu music video during the pre-race celebration... the rest is Disney World history.


2014 Disney World Marathon Weekend: A Glimpse at INCREDIBLE

At the posting of this video (http://youtu.be/gDRmd3kPRiw), time is fast approaching for the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, scheduled for January 8-12, 2014. This video is presented to simply share with you (1) some of the newest attractions and fan favorites of Walt Disney World while (2) sharing with you a few glimpses of the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend... there is a lot in store for you!

Should you wish to view some tips and insights along the half and full marathons at Walt Disney World, feel free to visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eCRx_ArgyA

As of 2013, the miles between Miles 18-23 of the marathon have slightly changed to include the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Even with these slight modifications to the marathon course, the general tips and insights still apply.

01.13.13 Illuminations - Disney Pacebook Running Club Meet-Up

Following the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, a small group fo enthusiastic runners from across the United States chose to band together and share ideas, encouragement and support in their marathon training... with the goal of coming together again in 2013 for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. This small group of runners would find their home on Facebook and, at the time of this video posting, would total approximately 1000 and come to be known as the Pacebook Running Club (PbRC).

The 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend would culminate in a private Meet-Up Celebration in EPCOT, for desserts and drinks, on January 13, 2013. The evening would conclude with a special viewing of EPCOT's firework show, "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth." This video is a general overview of this magical gathering.


2013 WHEN THE RACE IS OVER: From the Private Vault of the Pacebook Running Club

The meet-ups have been celebrated, the races have all been run, the swag has all been distributed and the majority of the Pacebook Running Club members have gone home... so what is there left to do for the Pacebook Running Club (PbRC) administrators and colleagues? Relax in the moment, reflect on the memories and rip up the WDW Parks! Presented here are just a sample of clips from the private vault (in which there is much more unseen footage) of the Pacebook Running Club - hours after the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend faded to a wonderful memory... FEEL FREE TO JOIN US IN 2014 AFTER THE RACES!


Family 5K Run Run - 2013 Disney World Marathon Weekend

The 2013 Disney World Family 5K Fun Run witnessed higher-than-normal running temperatures, but this did not dissuade 10,000 adults, children, parents, and grandparents from across the U.S. and several countries to toe the line of this wonderful race. Congratulations to all the Disney World 5K runners/walkers and most especially, to the Disney cast members and volunteers for being there for all these runners.


January 10, 2013: Packing, Packet Pick-Up and Party!

The anticipation of a Disney World Marathon Weekend race can be just as exciting as the race itself... especially when you include the fanfare of the Disney Expo Packet Pick-Up and then party with fellow runners... and then rest for the upcoming race...


The Magic Is About To Happen: Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2013

To each 2013 Disney World Marathon Weekend runner (whether you are a 5K or Goofy Challenge) who will remain dedicated to their training through the Christmas season, this video is dedicated specifically to you. The days and hours are ticking down... Allow the magic to happen in you, fellow runner! Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, Glorious Chinese New Year and an Adventurous New Year to each and every one of you!



Walt Disney never ran an endurance race, but if he had, many of his memorable quotes would apply to the race and the pace. To all my fellow 2013 Disney World marathon Weekend runners, this video is dedicated to you. It's time for all of us to stay focused and get ready to "GO THE DISTANCE!"


It's Time for the 2013 Disney World Marathon Weekend Registration!

A simply celebratory video that provides a montage of images and video that reflects the desire and drive of any Disney runner.



A special "glance back" at the 2012 Disney World Marathon Weekend; dedicated to all my Disney World Marathon Weekend Facebook Friends.

2012 HALF AND FULL MARATHON: Tips and Sights on Route

Utilizing footage from the 2011 Disney World races, this video provides sights and tips for the 2012 Disney World Half Marathon and Marathon. For training tips, race preparation and additional videos, go to Timeline Tips and Advice. Should you have questions, please post them at this video or email Lee Hoedl at leehoedl@yahoo.com.


2012 Disney World Marathon Weekend: HALFWAY THERE

It has been said that "75% of finishing a marathon [race] is getting to the starting line uninjured..." In that spirit and with only six weeks left until race day(s), this video is dedicated to all the Disney runners who are hurting, sore, frustrated or concerned as they look toward their starting line at the 2012 Disney Marathon Weekend.

This video is comprised of a montage of footage from the 2010 and 2011 Disney Half Marathon and Marathon races.



Some experiences often deserve a second glance backward... In this case, the 2011 Disney World Marathon Weekend deserves just such a glance. This video is dedicated to all those participants of at this magical weekend.



A brief 3:57 video to inspire and motivate those preparing for their upcoming race at the 2011 Disney World Marathon Weekend.



The 2011 Disney World Half Marathon witnessed the mettle and determination of over 13,000 female runners/walkers and a few assorted males/husbands. Congratulations to all these women, young and old, whose fortitude faced 80-degree temperatures and humidity for the coveted Princess Half Marathon medal.

A special congratulations to this videographer's wife, Di - and her friend Kari - who completed her first half marathon. You are a princess - before, during and after the race! It was a blast to follow you and be inspired by you along the course!


LEECam in the House of Mouse: An inside view from Lee Hoedl into the 2010 Disney World Registration and Packet Pick-Up at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex... and a surprising weather forecast for the upcoming 2010 Disney World Half-Marathon and Marathon!


2010 DISNEY MARATHON: A Peek Inside The Marathon Route

The following video is presented to those who have not yet seen or been part of the Disney World Marathon. It is hoped that this brief video will give you an "inside peek" into what makes this race such a wonderful personal and communal event.


2010 DISNEY HALF MARATHON: A Peek Inside The Half Marathon Route

The following video is presented to those who have not yet seen or been part of the Disney World Half-Marathon. It is hoped that this brief video will give you an "inside peek" into what makes this race such a wonderful personal and communal event.



January 11-12, 2010 in the lives of the Hoedls at Disney World.