Thursday, August 12, 2004

Promise me you won't be alarmed or worried. Okay? Okay, here's the fact: The Earth's rotation is gradually slowing down. Presently the Earth is rotating at an average speed of 760 miles per hour, but scientists are stating that our planet is slowing itself. Not to worry though, you and I and our next 12,000 generations will most likely not see it... but after that, I can't promise anything.

Universes, stars, planets, entire solar systems - all of Life, for that matter - are shown to eventually slow before extinguishing and reemerging as new life, in another form. It seems to be one of the cosmic realities of Life. Perhaps this is why one of the basic premises of so many religions and disciplines is that of quieting oneself and reflecting so as to bring about an internal/spiritual renewal.

You may not believe this (giggle, giggle), but I'm a sometimes boisterous, outgoing and opinionated individual. It's okay, I can admit it and own it. Most of the time I speak off the top of my head or as devil's advocate - it's just habit. It's that individual that you may often meet when you and I are on the go. But do you know what else? Visit my house in the late hours of the night or early light of morning and you will be introduced to another; it is that one that chooses to quiet and center himself, pray, and reflect. It's this one that spends his waking moments writing these thoughts and jotting down ideas and concepts. It is this one that remains hidden but constantly fuels the life and drive within me. You may have another within you as well.

All of Life slows and quiets itself at the end of the day and all of Life slows itself before its entrance into new life. Likewise some of our greatest inspirations, introspections and reflections are birthed into being with the quieting of our spirit and our life. So here is a silent prayer that your life finds time, every now and then , where your world feels like it's slowing - just enough to have a quiet moment to yourself... for the person you are and the person you are becoming.

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