Wednesday, August 11, 2004

If you've read any of the MORNING WALK reflections, then you are most likely familiar with my common theme of the awesome process of Life; life - in all its forms - that will not be denied and will continue on, somehow and some way. Whether its the very depths of the oceans teeming with life or a sidewalk cracked by an emerging plant, Life will not be denied.

Two-year-old children abandoned and somehow they miraculously survive until rescued. Woods and timbers reemerging as vibrant forests after being burned beyond recognition. The subtle but fantastic appearance of Spring after a bitter and desolate Winter. Human beings surviving and rising above all manners of addiction, disability, pain, suffering and obstacles. Life, in all of its shapes and forms, simply refuses to be silenced.

Did you know that scientists believe, from their calculations, that a new star (like our Sun) is "born" every 18 days in the universe? Big Bangs and new life exploding into existence just right down the galactic street from us all the time. Life, from the very hands of the Creator, will not and shall not be silenced, but reemerge again and again anew. It remains a constant in our Universe.

And where there is Life, there is hope. Robert Frost was quoted as saying, "In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on." It this is true, then hope goes on as well. And if this is true, then all remains well.

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