Tuesday, August 3, 2004

9/11 has forever changed the way the world thinks, interacts, communicates and works together. And the Olympic Games have also been affected by this horrific day and tragedy as well. Security remains a paramount concern and priority for the Games in Athens and outstanding athletes from several nations have chosen not to participate in the Games due to their concerns for personal safety. That concern is felt the strongest right here on American soil and its Olympic teams. And because of this, many of our Olympic teams will be spotlighting younger and unknown athletes than in past Games.

The United States will not be sending the "Dream Teams" of past years to compete in the 2004 Summer Games. This time around, the U.S. is sponsoring what is being referred to as the "I Have A Dream" teams; teams that younger and more unknown than past years. Teams for the U.S. to keep your eyes on:

  • Men's Basketball - "...With an average age of 23.6, it will be the youngest team to represent the United States since the Dream Team era began in 1992... Rejection has been the recurring theme over the past several months as one superstar after another withdrew or turned down an invitation to represent the United States in Athens; this has left the door open for many young and ambitious players. The team will practice at the University of North Florida for five days and play an exhibition against Puerto Rico before going on a pre-Olympic tour that includes exhibition games in Germany, Serbia and Turkey. The Americans open Olympic play Aug. 15 against Puerto Rico." Team members include:
Anthony, Carmelo
Boozer, Carlos
Duncan, Tim
Iverson, Allen
James, LeBron
Jefferson, Richard
Marbury, Stephon
Marion, Shawn
Odom, Lamar
Okafor, Emeka
Stoudamire, Amare
Wade, Dwayne
  • Men's and Women's Track and Field - The team that emerged from the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials, which ended Sunday at Hornet Stadium, includes nine gold medalists: Marion Jones, LaTasha Colander, Stacy Dragila, Gail Devers, Monique Hennagan, Allen Johnson, Maurice Greene, Jearl Miles-Clark and Angelo Taylor. Team members for men and women include:


Acuff, Amy
Burrell, Sheila
Colander, LaTasha
Demus, Lashinda
deReuck, Colleen
Devers, Gail
Dragila, Stacy
Edwards, Torri
Felix, Allyson
Hennagan, Monique
Johnson, Sheena
Jones, Marion
Kastor, Deena
Kreiner, Kim
Miles-Clark, Jearl
Rhines, Jen
Runyan, Marla
Suttle, Kellie
Taylor, Brenda
Teter, Nicole
Waller, Tisha
Williams, Lauryn


Browne, Dan
Capel, John
Carter, James
Clausen, Curt
Crawford, Shawn
Culpepper, Alan
Davis, Walter
Dunn, Philip
Gatlin, Justin
Godina, John
Greene, Maurice
Hemingway, Matt
Hoffa, Reese
Johnson, Allen
Keflezighi, Mebrahtom
Mack, Timothy
Miles, Derek
Miller, Coby
Moffitt, John
Nelson, Adam
Pappas, Tom
Patton, Darvis
Phillips, Dwight
Taylor, Angelo
Trammel, Terrance
Webb, Alan
Williams, Bernard

  • Women's Basketball - Less than three weeks from the start of the Athens Games, there's been only one defection from the WNBA among the 12 women who will compete in basketball for the United States. Team members include:
Bird, Sue
Cash, Swin
Catchings, Tamika
Griffith, Yolanda
Johnson, Shannon
Leslie, Lisa
Riley, Ruth
Smith, Katie
Staley, Dawn
Swoopes, Sheryl
Taurasi, Diana
Thompson, Tina
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