Friday, April 29, 2005

God is subtle, but he is not malicious.
Albert Einstein

A more powerful statement on the subject of the Grand Designer probably has not been made in quite some time. Subtle, but not malicious.

Subtle, but not malicious . This most likely could be directed toward such things as the design of the giraffe, the human tendency for gas (burping, hiccups, etc.) and the invention of the television.

But in a grander sense, I think that Mr. Einstein might have been referring to the general phenomena of the universe; natural events that we humans have come to define as cataclysmic, catastrophic and "an act of God." Are they truly signs meant for us to interpret? Scientists would say, objectively, that these events occur so as to return Nature and Life back to its natural order and/or to advance it to the next level of existence. We humans, in the blip of time we've been on this planet, are simply observers and guests of the cosmos' unfolding. At best, we are active partners with Nature on this little planet.

We will never know in this life the purpose and reason for the unfolding of natural Life occurences. But for an architect whose design and existence have no beginning and no ending, death has no power or control. Even death -which can be seen by us as a malicious act - is but a subtle transformation to new Life.

Is God malicious? I don't believe so. Is this Life simply a test, an exercise, a work regiment for the next Life? I don't believe so either. This life, each breath, is - to me - meant to be a celebration of the subtleness of this Grand Designer. From rainbows and gentle rains to sunsets and a baby's touch -the subtle, but powerful, presence that the Designer is at work and all is well.

It is within the context of this gentle loving subtleness that I say, "Is the Kingdom coming? Yes, it's subtlely unfolding before our very eyes and hearts. Do I believe this? Yes. It's not a matter of faith or hope; it's simply a matter of time..."

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