Monday, April 18, 2005

Two worlds. Very different from one another. And yet, both with their own unique influence on our life. We knowingly - and unknowingly - oscillate between the two; allowing both to shape and guide our journey. The two worlds? They're different for each of us, so take a moment to truly reflect on the two questions:

  • What is my greatest and grandest dream, hope or passion for my life?
  • What is my deepest and darkest fear, worry or concern for my life?

They are not easy questions, my friend... if the answers are given time to formulate and rise to the surface of your life. The answers to these two questions may vary from day to day, but you'll find that they tend to stay within a "ballpark distance" of an overall theme. The answers to these two questions often times feed us our dreams, turn up as "coincidence" or "happen chance," and set the parameters for our present and future actions and decisions.

It is the answer to these two questions that generally form the two worlds, between which we live out our life. It is our greatest and grandest dream that, at times, allows us to rise as victor above our deepest and darkest fear - those moments of rising to the occasion, serving as hero, feeling a sense of accomplishment. And it is our deepest and darkest fear that, at times, causes us to become victim in spite of our greatest and grandest dream - those moments where we cower from opportunity and where despair and a sense of failure creep into our life.

They are difficult questions, my friend. And they are answers that are not to be taken lightly. They are not opposing responses and they are not to be loved or hated. In fact, I often wonder if the Creator didn't personally hand-pick those answers for each of us, knowing how it would shape and direct and sanctify our life. They are questions and answers that are to lie in balance with one another; ever teetering and tottering our journey back and forth.

They are not simple questions for the beginning of any week, my friend. But they are questions that are worthy of exploring for the answers in the days ahead. And perhaps, you may not find the answers you seek. But in time the answers will seek out and find you.

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