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Friday, January 26, 2006

l O l O l O

Take a moment to look at the sequence of symbols above. While they need to stay in the same arrangement and position, do whatever you would like to make the sequence read "9:50."

Don't give up too quickly. Take a moment to mull over a few possible answers, and when you're done, look below at the solution.









l O T O l O

By simply adding a short line above the middle vertical line, the sequence now reads "10 to 10" or simply, 9:50.

I'm sure you're probably either saying to yourself, "Oh, that was so simple - I should have figured that out" or "I would have gotten it, if I would have given myself more time." Or maybe you came up with a different answer that satisfies the riddle (if so, let me know your secret).

I was recently reminded - again, thank goodness - by Life's circumstances that we get out of Life what we bring to it. If there was ever a more simple equation to living, this one may be it. "Blessed are the peacemakers..." and the subsequent beautitudes are a wonderful example of this self-fulfilling prophecy: we become what we think, say and do; we will ultimately get out of Life what we bring to it. Live a life as a patient and loving person and patience and love will envelope your life. Live your life as a paranoid and cynical person and paranoia and cynicism will erode that same life.

Have you ever had a conversation with another person that quickly and unexpectedly turned into a lively debate about some particular subject matter? Often times we're perplexed as to how this process ever occurred. What did we do wrong? What did we say wrong? It's then that we begin to adhere to the list of "never discuss" items such as religion, politics, etc. Truth of the matter, most of these discussions go awry because two very individual and separate journeys are meeting on the same road. But the two journeys rarely experience the same Life circumstances and experiences... so rarely do they find themselves walking on what is perceived as the "same road." In other words, we come into any conversation and relationship with feelings, beliefs and opinions that were formed by a life of personal experiences. And in the example of a conversation, no two persons will ever begin a topic of discussion from the very same place or perspective, so it's not surprising at all that they would find themselves at very different conclusions of that discussion or conversation.

It remains the grand paradox of Life: We are all on the same journey from cradle to grave and at the same time, we are all on much different journeys - intersecting with, running parallel to and colliding into one another. Diversity abounds in our physical, psychological, and socioemotional nature. I suspect the secret to it all is being able to see situations, circumstances, conversations, journeys, etc. from a variety of perspectives - to literally walk a mile in another's shoes. And not to try too hard to understand it all. Because in the end, we might just find out that 9:50 is strikingly similar to 10 to 10.


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