Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A quick biology quiz for you: In an average lifetime, does a person have more breaths or heartbeats?

Give up? A person living to an average age of 74 years old will have more heartbeats. How many more? You can expect to have about 3 billion heartbeats compared to 600 million breaths.

3,000,000,000 heartbeats.

600,000,000 breaths.

Don't you find these projections staggering? What machine presently on the market today could survive after a mere 5 million times of turning over its engine?

Add into the physiological mix, there are over 200,000 pages alone of genetic code for each person. Now that is an instruction manual to take home and study.

Why so many more heartbeats than breaths in our life? My hypothesis is simply, my friend. We were created by a Grand Chemist and placed into a life that is intended to be exciting.

Our heart races when we are in the presence of our loved one, children and significant other.

Our heart rate increases before we enter an athletic competition, before we are about to perform and while watching a movie of excitement or romance.

Our pulse increases greatly when opening gifts and just before we ask, "Would you like to go out with me?"

We simply need that many more heartbeats to address the excitement that was always intended for our life. So, don't short change yourself, my friend. Be sure to use all 3 billion heartbeats by seeking out and living a life of adventure and excitement. Remain passionate about your family and principles. Remain present in the midst of some of your greatest decisions and challenges.

Let your heart race in all those moments of excitement and be aware of it - it's one sure sign that you are ALIVE. And don't worry if your breaths lag behind. Also remember that many of these moments often times leave us breathless.