Thursday, September 1, 2005

The Brooklyn Bridge, which links Brooklyn to Manhattan Island, is one of the most famous bridges in the world. At the time it was first conceived in 1883, however, bridge-building experts throughout the world told the designer, a creative engineer by the name of John Roebling, that his idea wouldn't work.

Roebling convinced his son Washington, who was also an engineer, that his idea had merit. The two of them developed the concept, resolved the problems others had forecast, and enthusiastically hired a crew to build their bridge.

After a few months of building, a tragic on-ste accident took John's life and severely injured Washington, who became unable to talk or walk. Everyone thought the project would have to be abandoned, since the Roeblings were the only ones who knew the dynamics of building the bridge.

Washington. however, could still think, and he had a burning desire to see the bridge finished. As he lay in his hospital bed, he had an idea. He would communicate with the engineers by using one finger to tap out in code on his wife's arm what he wanted her to tell them.

Washington tapped out his instructions for 13 years until the bridge was built...

It was this bridge in the early 1900s that was the primary passage for individuals and their horses/wagons into the city of New York, a land of opportunity. And it was this bridge in the early morning hours of September 11, 2001 that was the primary passage for hundreds of thousands of individuals in escaping the horrific tragedy unfolding.

Sheer determination on the part of two lives, even when the odds were not at all in their favor. Sheer faith within the hearts of two individuals that their work would eventually not be in vain. Had it not been for the driving force of these two lives, so many would not have ever discovered such opportunity within a thriving city. And if it had not been for the steadfastness of these two lives, so many would not have ever found refuge in a very dark moment.

What ordinary task have you've recently considered giving up on? What project have you thought of discontinuing? And what dream do you cherish that you will only allow it to remain just a dream?

As it has been paraphrased in so many ways, so many times before: You are not given a dream without the power/ability/determination to make it a reality. It may be that very dream that so many others are counting on as a bridge to opportunity... or refuge...

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