Monday, August 29, 2005

Imagine, in a not so distant day, when all airports retool their policies so that all luggage will have to be no larger or smaller than 22" x 20" x 12" - regardless of whether it is checked or not. ALL luggage, including carry-on luggage will be this size. Now, add to that, all airports allowing all patrons only one luggage per person. ALL the same size and ONLY one piece of luggage.

What would you pack in that one suitcase? You are about to go on one of the most important, fun-filled, adventurous, activity-packed trips of your life... and all that you will need has to fit in the 22" x 20" x 12"...

What would you begin with as a priority? Underwear? Cosmetics and hygiene items?

Would you have to choose to wear some clothing items more than one day while on your trip?

And what would you leave behind? What items do you tend to pack that (1) you never use or (2) rarely even need when you get to where you're going?

Now, take a moment to read this anonymous quote:

Our days are identical suitcases - all the same size - but some people pack more into them than others.

24 hours. That's all - no more and no less (hopefully) - that will fit into our suitcase of a day. According to divine policy, no one will get any more room than another. The suitcase we each carry - each day we live - will remain the same size. The challenges are these:

  • What will we put in that suitcase?
  • How much will we put in that suitcase?

Should we leave it half-empty; whittling away our hours watching the same repeat television programs and shows we always watch? Do we fill it only half-full; waiting around for the evening to end so we can go to bed and rise to another day of the same work?

You have the choice, my friend, to pack what you want and as much as you want. What will you choose? It may very well be the most important, adventurous, activity-packed trips of your life, so pack wisely. Because in the end, it's you that will have to wear what you've eventually packed.

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