Monday, August 1, 2005

Seekers. It is what we are, by our very nature. So many questions and directions in life, and we each consciously and unconsciously seek out our own personal questions and quests.

One of the greatest lessons and games we learned at an early age was that of "hide and seek." The anxiousness of hiding; teetering between not wanting and wanting to be found. The celebration of seeking and finding; racing to tag another before they made it "home." It was a game well learned... and one that we most likely spend the rest of our life un-learning.

We spend our early years and young adulthood trying to understand the social rules and expectations, while slowly setting aside - or hiding - our own personal passions and crazy dreams. And we live with the anxiousness of our hiding, teetering between not wanting and wanting to be discovered by another - a special friend, a soulmate...

And while we hide, we continue to seek - spending our days searching for greater insight into ourselves and greater awareness of others around us. Seeking out answers and searching for meaning in our every day life; in our actions, and thoughts and relationships. And that grand celebration of finding another - another person who connects with us, another idea or meaning that gives us new understanding - grabbing tightly for fear of the moment getting away.

We are seekers, my friend. We have been and always will be searching. Perhaps it has to do with our temporary journey on this planet and in this Life. As an old friend would remind me, "We're all sojourners, because none of us are home yet." So we go on seeking...

It's was a great game when we were children and one that never got old. And it is a great lesson and practice now that we are adults. To hide is okay but it's always nice to let someone else find us every now and then - to let them know that person within. And to seek just for the joy of finding another, so as to enlist them on our team as another seeker.

But be forewarned: In this Life, a player can be both the seeker and the hider at the same time. And sometimes, the very thing we are seeking is the very thing that we hiding from ourselves and others. Ready or not, here I come!

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