07.30.07 - Where, oh where is Steve? Check out a couple of recent images of Stevo below. The top two are from a 5K race and the bottom photo is from a formal Marine marathon. In the photo, Stevo is at Mile 18 and looking good! Way to go, Stevo!

06.20.07 - Lee completes the Fargo and Grandma's Marathons! Take a look at a few images and thoughts at:



April 18 - 10 Days and Counting

Updated leg and course maps; Captains' Meeting on Apr. 21; team introductions

April 17 - 11 Days and Counting

Virginia Tech shootings; team gear request list

April 16 - 12 Days and Counting

Looking for team volunteers; team gear request list; team introductions

April 14 - 14 Days and Counting

Vital web links for WMR information; team gear request list; team introductions

April 12 - 16 Days and Counting

Team gear request list; team introductions

April 11 - 17 Days and Counting

Individual leg and overall course maps posted; team gear request list

April 10 - 18 Days and Counting

Course layout and Team Effort in Securing Gear

April 6 - 22 Days and Counting

Updated course mileage; team introductions

April 5 - 23 Days and Counting

Securing mini-vans; new WMR pdf maps posted; nutrition suggestions

Team updates; blisters and chafing suggestions

Accommodations update

Van reservations; accommodations; equipment and supplies; Penguin Chronicles

Team registration; tips to consider

March 29 - 29 Days and Counting

Team registration; supplies to consider bringing

A look back at the 2006 Wild Miles Relay

Team contact information; pace times; course leg assignments

Team contact information

Team contact; leg assignments

March 23 - Addendum

Teammate Steve Hansen getting married!

Team updates and vital contact information

The team logo design for Team Thrown Together and Throwing Up

Team name and potential team logos

Cool Runnings potential team logo

Team Throwing Up potential team logo

March 20 - 37 Days and Counting
Team Throwing Up initial potential team logos

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