Following on a successful Wild Miles Relay in 2006, members of Team Thrown Together at the End of the Road chose to gather again for another festive adventure.

With almost half of the 2006 team stationed in Iraq or serving abroad in the United States Marine Corps, remaining members of the 2006 team have chosen to honor those teammates by retaining the former team name. As well, they added to the name so as to include the newest members. Hence, the team would come to be known as Team Thrown Together (and Throwing Up) at the End of the Road.

Captained by Stacy Park and Lee Hoedl, the team begins their experience in the early morning hours of April 28 from Vail Lake, CA and continues - non-stop - into Sunday, April 29, where they will celebrate the conclusion of their experience at San Dieguito County Park, 180 miles away. It is this website that records their insane adventure in the April 2007 Wild Miles Relay.

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