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Sue Buchman; a.k.a. Cashew Nut. Favorite Relay Quote: "I only run the 5K..." Great River Relay Tip: (1) Bring extra towels to sit on in the van. You can then put the stinky ones in a ziplock along with your wet running clothes or you can bring old ones and throw them as you go; (2) Go with the flow and have fun!; (3) This is a RElay, not a BUFFet--bring more fluids and less food.

Daren Carlson; a.k.a. Wing Nut. Favorite Relay Quote: "It's really hard to give a favorite quote, because all that was said and done makes the whole experience. Maybe that's my quote." Great River Relay Tip: Being number 12 and running last leg (3 times!) is a test of patience. Savor the moments, cheer your fellow nuts, and listen to your body. Rest when you can (sleep even), drink, eat, and stretch often. And the final slide across the finish line with your teammates in tow makes the wait(s) golden.

Lynn Gannon; a.k.a. S-Lug Nut. Favorite Relay Quote: "Excuse me, sir, do you plan to pay for that?" Great River Relay Tip: You get more sleep if you ride in the second car.

Liz Harper; a.k.a. Beer Nut. Favorite Relay Quote: "Are you a Nut?" said to random runners I couldn't identify in the dark trying to find our Nuts. Great River Relay Tip: Take time to enjoy the experience - it goes by faster than you would think.

Lee Hoedl; a.k.a. Chest Nut. Favorite Relay Quote: "The words 'One Mile To Go' on the road relay signs." Great River Relay Tip: Relax and pace yourself - there is always plenty of race left ahead of you. Cheer on your teammates, all the way and in every way - you'll need each and every one of you to complete what's ahead.

Dawn Lyngen; a.k.a. Peanut. Favorite Relay Quote: "Would you like some peanut butter?", "Those lily pads are huge!!" and "Let's try to get a honk from those truckers". Great River Relay Tip(s): (1) Live in the moment, enjoy the scenery, the smells, the people around you, the pain, ect. You can always sleep later. (2) Bring lots of fluids, and peanut butter/bananas. (3) Don't waste your time trying to shower. (4) Headphones help keep you company on those midnight legs. (5) More fruit, less sweets.

Kari Morrissey; a.k.a. Soy Nut. Favorite Relay Quote: " Go Nuts!" Great River Relay Tip: Have fun! That is after all what it's all about. I certainly had an enormous amount of fun.


Kate Morrissey; a.k.a. Almond Nut. Favorite Relay Quote:"I dont know how to turn my IPOD down!" (and every quote that made reference to the stink in the van - haha) Great River Relay Tip: If you get a new music player be sure to know how to work the volume on for two reasons: (1) so you won't have a ringing in your ears and a headache after you turn it off and (2) so you can hear your cheerleaders rootin' for ya! And also to avoid sitting next to a family size bag of mini tootsie rolls - those things are addicting!

Dennis Nolan; a.k.a. ______. Favorite Relay Quote: __________. Great River Relay Tip: _______.


Bill Reinarts; a.k.a. Roasted Nut. Favorite Relay Quote: "Schmidtknecht for Sheriff!" Great River Relay Tip: Average nuts are capable of great things when they work together, and surround themselves with nuts that will make them a better nut.

Bill Reinfeld; a.k.a. Loose Nut. Favorite Relay Quote: "Bite me!" . Great River Relay Tip: Drink plenty of fluids. Stretch after your run, before you get back in the van. You don’t need to bring much for non running clothes. Enjoy the moment.

Deb Stickney; a.k.a. Corn Nut. ; Favorite Relay Quote: "It's not a race, it's a RELAY! Great River Relay Tip: For those of you out there feeling the pressure of being one of the sloooower runners on team, and wanting to do the best for your TEAM - forget about it! Just enjoy the scenery, give it your all, and the team will support you anyway! Also, forget about being clean, getting much sleep, or expecting your team to go without coffee. .

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